Hello Venice

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  • Licencia: Shareware
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  • Sistema: wXP Vista w7
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Recover the splendor of the sacred garden of Sacrobosco.

In Hello Venice, a fun game of intelligence and skill with different types of challenges to overcome, your goal is to help Adda and Cyrus, the grandchildren of the late Sacrobosco Grimani, to recover the sacred garden this wise old man kept in good condition.

Abandoned by the people of Hello Venice, Sacribosco's garden is now wild, with the main parts withered or invaded by weeds. But his grandchildren, with your help, are determined to restore the beauty of the place and thereby preserve the memory of their grandfather.

Although in it you'll have to demonstrate your good work both matching gems (playing mini-games such as "match 3" that allow you to get tools and garden items for Hello Venice), and primarily controlling Adda and Cyrus in the reconstruction the garden, in the levels of a "time management" style in Hello Venice that will allow you, little by little, to recover the glory of the place. So get to work!


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